Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hawaii, active volcano

Want to start the series from Hawaii with volcano, rather than serene touristy stuff like beaches and sunsets. We will get to those later :)

So, Kilauea volcano on Big Island.  This plume of volcanic gases is glowing orange in the dark, lava is boiling right under.

Doesn't this shot look like dinosaur is about to walk in the frame?

Entrance in lava tube - tunnel left by flowing lava as the edges cool down while the middle remains hot and liquid.

In the tube

Exit on another side

Looking back

Lava field. Total destruction.

The next series of shots is lava trees - formation shaped up when lava flow hits the forest, burns the trees and in the process of climbing bigger of them cools down creating quite weird shapes. Place where you can get lost easily by jumping from one interesting photo opportunity to another, losing an idea of where you came from. Surface is quite rough and unstable, lava crumbles under your feet... sprain an ankle there, who know when and if they find you :)

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