Sunday, May 29, 2011

Peacock's mating season 2

Sleepy family

Come here little fish, don't be afraid, I am just a rhododendron

There you are!

Time to change position, on this side of rhododendron they don't know me yet

Anyone's around? - No, I don't think so

Kiss me then!

Wait, here is that photographer again... so annoying. Let's go find another place

Look buddy, can you give us some privacy?? My lady is shy!

Whatever, let's just ignore them all!

Peacock's mating season

 You people with your weird games...

I better go look for my hon

Here she is. Cutie, isn't she

Come here darling, look at my handsome feathering... unlike those colorless people

Turn around you say? There, just as handsome!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Streets of Seattle

Random shots from around Seattle

No stops you say? Tow-away zone? Go ahead punk, make my day.

Gentleman on the left won.

You lookin' at me??

Aren't we arranged neatly?

Street artist

Dinner for two

Famous "throwing the fish" at the Pike Market Place.

We are green and wavy

Yes, he played that guitar. And harmonica.

Tasty treats

Two rides.

Cozy place to have your coffee

Seattle without rain? No way.

Friday, May 13, 2011

John Lennon's Yellow Submarine

Famous car with a story.

And some surroundings

Famous marmot living on the premises