Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring, unleashed

Not that we had much of the winter, mind you - but when spring jumped from around the corner, it did so with eagerness of a chocoholic seeing a bar of Lindt.  Below are some samples of this blooming madness.

First, some early crocuses and other stuff (like Herons, mind you - I always confuse botany with ornithology)

That was mid-March. Just a week or two later later we had this below.

Beacon Hill Park never fails to deliver

Just bring something for them and start spreading the goods - and it's as if they have cell phones or something, out of nowhere dozens fly in.

The heavy stuff comes... the defense lines are drawn, don't even think of crossing them. This guy has attitude!

Sensitive types go AWWW:

Yup... early tulips

Everyone photographs cherry blossoms... I couldn't resist either.

Tulips on fire

This guy just flew in my frame while I was trying to focus on the flower.

Blossoms... told you, hard to resist

Spring cleaning!

Yeah... blossoms. Sorry.

Blossoms AND duck. Double sorry.

In case you got tired, this guy says "bye for now!" - in his own a bit impolite way.