Friday, September 20, 2013

September marvels

Let's start with some rainy photos, to establish the season change:

...but since it's still nice out there, back to good weather, shall we?

This guy posed in Beacon Hill Park. I selected 3 poses:

Average-sized canoes...

...and for no reason whatsoever, luxury car. Anyone feels 007-ish?

Now, for something completely different, some amazing views from the ferry:

...and from the shore:

But let's get back to ferry for a few, as this superpod of killer whales staged amazing performance for the passengers.

And to finish it, Harvest Moon of 2013, taken at Island View Beach:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August jewels - addendum

Found a few more that fell through the cracks!

Some meteors

Some lizards

Some forests

Some average-sized canoes...

... and acrobatics using canoes as a background

Some strange pieces of wood

Some butterflies,

birds and phones,
  and strange plants.

Some nice picnic spots,


deadly birds

and moody moons.

All in all, pretty productive, dontcha think?

Monday, September 2, 2013

August jewels

Gotta take a break from techno theme (2 posts in a row with cars?). A few shots from August and some missed from earlier months that return us to usual stuff - nature, landscapes etc.

This thing can't decide whether it's a bus or a boat


Fog at the breakwater

Some flowers. Sorry.

Some stones

Some Black and White

Some sunset and big canoes.

Some moon.

Sidney Marina

Squid met Heron