Sunday, May 18, 2014

May sights, other than tulips

Far from running out of tulip shots, I'll break them by some other sights lest you get sick and tired of those endless flowers.

Let's start with some waterfowl, ever so cute:

Some beaches:

Some from Beacon Hill Park:

Sidney sunset:

And finally, some from around downtown and Inner Harbor

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tulips in the rain

No spring collection of photos is ever complete without tulips, in all their variety of colors and shapes. There are actually so many of those that I'll have to break the collection down by a few posts. First one is somewhat unusual in that it's entirely shot during the rain, unlike most such photoshoots done in fine weather. Diffused lighting and raindrops make the difference. Judge for yourself.

That not a tulip as you guessed... Primula, Golden Lace.

We need one Black and White, right?

Daffodil interruption. Very brief.

Back to main programming.

See? Rain.

Not a tulip. Sorry.

One of the most gracious:
 One more non-tulip.

Something wedding-like quality to this one:

Just for variety sake, tulips and palm tree.

Now get some rest from tulips because there is more... Stay tuned.