Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tulips and more

I hope you took some rest from tulips because more of them is coming. I will mix them with other things because however difficult it is to believe but yeah, one can get tired of too many tulips.

Let's start with a single one, then proceed to the fields and flowerbeds, with some single mixed in again.

Not a tulip!

Some tulips are black and white...

This yellow beauty is laburnum.

OK, decisively not a tulip. Himalayan blue poppy.

Let's move away from the gardens and flowers (as if it were so easy to do in Victoria!) Downtown, Inner Harbor causeway.

Beacon Hill Park

Quick dash into the world of butterflies and turtles

This cutie was about an inch and a half long!

Sidney Pier

Cruise ship terminal

Fisherman's Wharf

Ogden Point

Don't you feel as though you did a tour all over the city? And guess what... there are many tulips still to see in the future posts, like it or not.