Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Northwest Deuce Days

Collector cars gathering in Victoria, about 1000 classic cars from all over. Very cool spectacle, whether you like those hotrods or not. Quite challenging to photograph, considering huge crowds that somehow do not want to move away for you to get a clean shot. Weird, right?

Is it cool or what?

How about them crowds?

Couple iconic Victoria buskers: Cooper Cowgirl...

... and The Plasterman

Let's finish with this postcard view:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer bliss

A few shots summarizing June and beginning of July catch. For starters, some fireworks, this time from Sidney Canada Day. I've posted Butchart Gardens fireworks before here and here, so this one will be a bit different.

Niagara Falls (yeah, we have one) in Goldstream Park. Got also more creative angles from that shoot, will get to them in the next post hopefully

Butterfly Gardens never fails to deliver. Couple encounters:

How about that?

Little Qualicum Falls. As usual, waterfalls present a challenge to photograph on a sunny day, but this one seems to work out nicely.

Finally, a few sunset shot from Patricia Bay

1 min exposure: