Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hawaii, active volcano 2

Next stop is Devil's Throat. Small crater pit - well, small comparing to other craters but not a small one when you stand there. 50 meters (165 ft) wide and deep, rim is very unstable, dangerous to approach - it's a long way down and there is no coming back :)

Now, really spooky place. Puhimau Thermal Area, also known as thermal hot spot. Magma below kills vegetation from beneath. Stumps have weird mineral coloring and look turned inside out.Each of stumps has some steam coming out of it with strong sulfur odor. The place looks dead and at the same time strangely alive, almost as if it were watching you, or your presence woke it up. You walk there, there are two-three steam plumes - in 15 min you turn, there are 15-20 of them as if you triggered them by coming in there. While you are in there, you feel quite uncomfortable, unsettled... and want to leave as soon as possible. Not sure if photos translate this feeling. You can read about this place here: http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/gallery/kilauea/erz/puhimau.html

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