Sunday, November 25, 2012

Downtown Christmas lights

Annual topic which I did a few times before... here, and here for instance, so today will add just a few

Not exactly Christmas illumination, but got this one on my way back to the car and though it would be a worthy ending to the day.

Centennial Square fountain and Ferris wheel

Illumination is up (about 1 month before Christmas but who is counting)

Seagull decided to be a part of the decor

Friday, November 23, 2012

Family life of Great Blue Herons

There is a colony of the Great Blue Herons in the park in middle of the downtown; there are also a lot of them along the shores. I posted some of the photos of the earlier (for instance this and this). They are amazingly fascinating birds, especially during nest building season when the shots below were taken.

Carrying building blocks home

Honey, where are you?

Ah, there you are!

I brought a branch thiiis big!

Gracious landing

I always wanted to take ballet lessons...

Yup, ballet!


Family time


Hon... do I look like pterodactyl?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Todd Inlet trail

Some places are created specifically to be photographed, I am sure. This trail is one of those, especially in the fall.

Contemplation bench

Reflections... can't resist them lately

Who makes trees like this?? This is just wrong...

Reflections with leaves floating - double draw.

Natural geometry

Not something you expect to see in the forest

Watch your step now...

Another unexpected artifact

Why do I do B&W so rarely, I love it deeply...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall in Beacon Hill Park

Place that never fails to provide the rich photographic material.  

This one below has no photographic value - I just can't help it, gotta rub this blooming flowers shot into wounds of the friends  from the prairies.

Gold on red and green

Just gold.

 Fall reflections. Loved how leaves floating in the water created tree's foliage - blend of reality and reflection.

If you look closer, you will see the reflection from the previous shot.

Photographing the foliage

One more with reflections

Fog over the pond