Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lights of December

December is a great month for photography - with all the illumination everywhere how can it not be? I really like night photography, so it's a double bonus. The only problem is, it's so pretty that you end up with more photos than you can possibly put in a post and realistically expect your viewers to look at, not just scroll through hurriedly. So, what do you do? Well, break them down by a few posts! With that in mind, let's start with some Butchart Gardens amazing light show and some downtown beauties.

Sunken Garden from the upper point of view...

...and a bit closer:

5 Gold Rings:


Lets move to the downtown now. Chinatown, Gates of Harmony:

A few street shots, wet surfaces from the recent rain add the atmosphere:

Christmas tree parade in the Empress Hotel:

Hope you like those lights because when we get to the next post, there will be more of them, with a nice surprise. Stay tuned.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Island's version of winter

December proves to be a fruitful month for photography so I think I better break it down by a few posts, not to pour too many shots in a single post. I will keep all the Christmas lights images for the following posts. So, here are a few highlights other than those lights.

This guy sat on the large tree watching me in a rather good-natured way - either he was not hungry or I didn't fit in his "I can carry this to my nest and eat later" idea.

A few shots on the full moon night. Breakwater...

... and Beacon Hill Park. They've added nice lighting to the fountain.

Now, this is how they sell Christmas tree here. First, with hanging tree is more or less typical:

Second, with flowers to plant, is not so much, for the rest of Canada at least:

Finally. an unusual series to finish this post. We had a centimeter or so of snow this night, not enough to stick to the ground but enough to create exotic photos of a hummingbird in the snow. We made a deal - I feed her, she poses for me.

Look forward to those Christmas lights!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November summary

Most of November was devoted to mastering new camera in various conditions. That explains the big variety within a single months, from wildlife to sunny landscapes to night time shots. Enjoy!

My lunch must be swimming by right about now...

The best fishing spot is in a sunken boat!

Are you listening to me??


One sunset...

... and a few sunrises:

Downtown in the night is always spectacular. For the gearheads, all shots below are taken handheld, at ISOs ranging up to 3200.

One of a breakwater in the night

Couple of Mt. Baker

 A few cormorants on guard at the Sidney Pier

and one observing the boat floating by.