Saturday, March 29, 2014

Moon, birds and whatnot

It's been longer than usual for me to update this blog with new shots. Main reason for that was being a bit busy with designing new website presenting my images for sale as prints, canvas and downloads. As of this moment, the website is up and running with about 700 images; there are more to upload but you can view the results at Feel free to browse the galleries, leave feedback in Guestbook, ask any questions you may have, recommend it to those who may be interested and order whatever you think may look good on your walls.  Enjoy!

Now, back to recent imagery... since I skipped some time, I will start with last wintry photos, even though winter is not around (sorry East Coast!)

This desperate winter's attempt to stick around lasted about 1 day. Not enough to do any harm, but just enough to give some wonderful photo opportunities

OK, there were more but let's do away with snow. Just a day or two later, this scene was possible:

And very soon after that cherry blooms came:

Look ma, no snow!

Sidney waterfront... always there when you need a good scene for shutter therapy.

For a while there were a lot of birds posing for me everywhere so let's finish with this small bird collection. Meet Robert the Bald Eagle (he got the name from the residents of the area where his favorite tree is):

Nameless duck during takeoff process:

Spring duet.



Hmmm... turtles aren't birds I think... but let's break the monotony

"Under my wing"

Spring preening. Because it's spring.

"Where have you been from 8 to 11??"

Till next time, and don't forget to check for updates!