Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer medley

Ready for a soup of everything? With surprise at the end? Let us begin.

First of all of course supermoon - full Moon at the time when it's the closest to the Earth, so it's unusually large. We will have two more in August and September, so here is my first, umm, shot at it.

Romance under the full moon. Aww.

One shot from Sidney

 and one from Beacon Hill Park. I call it "Supervisor."

Ogden Point and breakwater, favorite sights in the night

... and in the day. 

Teeming life at the Fisherman's Wharf

Some downtown fun

Blue Monster invasion

Butchart Gardens, roses in full bloom

(something else is blooming - who know their botany, determine what it is).

 Willows Beach

Spooky tree at the sunset at the Island View Beach

Same tree, more birds. Hitchcock.

  Beautiful views at the East Sooke

 And now, the promised surprise. Whale watching trip with Eagle Wing Whale Watching, done at the sunset time yielded much more than your usual back-dorsal fin orca images. Full breach lit by golden light of the sunset, whales cruising in the sun reflection... judge for yourself:

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