Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Cleaning

Weird name for a post, right? The thing is, as I go through the themes or months, there are some images that get post-processed later, or get forgotten somehow. They collect in the folder "to be posted yet" instead of being moved into their theme folders. To clean up this clutter, now and then I have to go over that folder and do a sweeping and mopping job. So, here goes my summer cleaning.

Brave look, ain't it?

 Some say flamingo has a wise look here, some - ominous. You decide.  

The name's Rose.

Something ancient-Greek looking. Or Rome.

This tulip has a  bad hair day. Looking gorgeous anyway.

Beacon Hill Park.

Rose Garden at the Butchart

UVIC grounds.

Sidney marina


The tackiest shot I've made this year. And possibly last two years. Or ever. Sorry. No, come to think of it, I had a rose on a guitar shot 5 years ago, probably beats this.

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