Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Twilight, sunsets and other dark matters

Got quite a few more beaches, so before I overdo that category, let me do (overdo?) another one. Sunsets are everyone's favorites of course, and I am no exception. I also love everything low light, so I will include some night shots as well.

Anaeho'omalu Bay is one of the most spectacular places for the sunset shooting. First evening there, I had only 12-60 with me, and decided to return with 70-300 next time, to catch that huge sun effect. So, first day (and believe me, there were a lot more shots, I just have to show some mercy on you):

This one is from another beach, Old Airport. We will have more from there as this place was close to our hotel and we dropped by for the sunset a few times more.

This is from the Kona Pier, right in our village, 5 min walk from the hotel:

Back to Airport Beach:

Now, really good stuff! This one printed in poster size looks fantastic on my wall, right above computer monitors. Will show later :)

This little series is shot from the hotel balcony, and it's a sunrise, not a sunset:

One more from the "good stuff," printed large and looking stunning. There is something to be said for large prints...

Aaand, we are back to that beach, with all the right lenses this time:


Monochrome with bluish tint:

And that's what I wanted telephoto lens for:

Back to our village:

Sunset at the balcony, with bottle of Hennessy and box of macadamia nuts in chocolate:

Sunset from Kona Pier:


A few night shots while walking along the shoreline of Kona Village:

Let's finish this series with this symbolic shot:

If you got tired of sunsets, well, next will be beaches again!

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