Friday, April 11, 2014

Various signs of spring

Opening images are not exactly limited to spring but for some reason have that feel... or maybe it's just me. Anyway, the first shot took a lot of patience as it wasn't really easy to catch just the right moment. With quite a few of "almost" shots, finally got the right one when a butterfly landed on the flamingo's back under the right angle, opened her wings a tad to let through that iridescent blue, flamingo moved to chase her away... and shutter was clicked right then. Took about an hour of waiting and a bunch of unsuccessful attempts. I think it was worth it:

Meanwhile, there was also butterflies sitting pretty on pretty flowers, so I snapped some:

A photoblog post without a sunset, nah. Can't do that. Sunset on Sidney Fishing Pier, Mt. Baker in the background:

Absolutely hilarious interaction between a cormorant and seagulls:

Oops, I promised you spring! Here it is:

This couple, out for a walk, is it spring or what?

And finally, what's in the air during spring? Right, love. Mating rituals are in full force:

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