Monday, July 18, 2011

Butterfly Gardens - more than just butterflies

What do you expect to find when coming to a place calling itself, say a car dealership? Why, cars of course, silly. And if a place is called Butterfly Gardens? Why, butterfl... not so fast!

Quite diversified this place is - judge for yourself.

"You may think I am shy, but I just don't care that you are looking - gotta clean those feathers."

Looking right back at ya!

Believe it or not, this bird is feeding the fish.

"What's this in your hands? A camera? I dunno... just in case, don't point that thing at me, will ya?"

Curious Turaco

Poisonous dart frogs (no worry, they are behind the glass and still mastering the art of injecting their poison by merely looking at you)

"The name's Leo. Just Leo. If you don't know me, that's alone is a reason to visit the Gardens."

Canna Lily

Atlas Moth - years in cocoon, days outside. Short but beautiful life.

Little birdie

OK, one butterfly... after all the place IS called...

... a Butterfly Gardens - place where adults walk with silly childish smile on their face.


C.Lloy said...

Followed the link from the Victoria Butterfly Gardens facebook page. You're pictures are Amazing!! Love 'em!

Vadym Graifer said...

Thank you, appreciate the comment!