Sunday, July 19, 2009


Fun to watch, fun to shoot. Butchart Gardens put quite a show every summer Saturday. 30 minutes fly by, you feel like a kid. Took a lot of will to pick 8 shots out of dozens. Those below were taken last summer. I have another show to attend soon, when accompanying visiting friends.

Couple words about technique. Shooting fireworks is not that difficult - White Balance to Sunny, Picture more to Vivid, Aperture to 8-11, Shutter Speed 3-5 seconds to catch a few burtsts (I seem to get the best results at 4 sec), Mirror Delay on to diminish vibration... if you shoot RAW, first couple settings are irrelevant of course. And tripod, by default, right? Well... all shots below are taken without. Some show it, most don't. Anyway, this year I will take a tripod and do it for real.